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Problem: Access denied error when trying to change a password with Domain Password

This article applies to Domain Password.

Last Updated: 26 February 2003


    Access denied error when trying to change a password with Domain Password


    This is a domain configuration problem. Your Windows domain must be set up to allow password changing without the user logging on first, and individual users have to have the proper privileges.


  • Adjust the Policies/Account settings in User Manager and turn off the "Users must log on in order to change password" checkbox.
  • Adjust the Policies/User Rights settings in User Manager and add "Log on as a batch job" for "Everyone" (or those users you want to be able to use Domain Password).

    Active Directory users should see these Microsoft Knowledgebase articles:

    Note: All regular Windows account restrictions apply. For example, if you have passwords restricted so they can only be changed every 10 days, then users will not be able to change passwords with DomPass more often then every 10 days. Ditto for allowing blank passwords, remembered passwords, and so forth. DomPass does not circumvent any NT restrictions.

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