Problem: Error 135 or 'The parameter is incorrect' when using GWMail32 or GWXMail

This article applies to GWMail32 and GWXMail.

Last Updated: 23 May 2002


    When you try to send email using GWMail32 or GWXMail, you may see error 135 (87 hex), "The parameter is incorrect."


    This error is always from GWMail32, although because GWXMail calls GWMail32 internally, it may seem to come from GWXMail instead. It means that you have left a required parameter NULL, pointing to an empty string, or pointing to an invalid area of memory.


    Consult the documentation to see which parameters are required, then check to make sure you are providing all of them. The most common one to omit is the name of the SMTP host.

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