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    Try it, Free! Pricing Buy It Try it Free!, Pricing, Buy it! These are some of the general features of the Domain Time II system. See the next page for detailed feature lists for each of the individual Domain Time II components.

      . Direct support for Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux (all flavors).
      . Supports the widest selection of time protocols of any time product (Domain Time I,II (TCP & UDP),II over HTTP, NTP, TIME/ITP (TCP & UDP), Daytime, LANMan) for synching all time-aware products.
      Manageability Features
      Benefit - Saves you money! Installation and ongoing maintenance/troubleshooting are the single largest costs in today's IT environment. Domain Time offers you the ability to reduce or even eliminate the significant costs involved in configuring time on your various systems. Your valuable IT personnel can spend their time on other issues.

      . Components can be installed, upgraded, and configured network-wide from a single workstation using the Management Tools.
      . Clients automatically discover the correct time servers and protocols.
      . Monitor time status network-wide and raise out-of-sync alarms using Monitor Service or Audit Server.
      . Complete compatibility with Windows Active Directory, including graphical utility to monitor and configure the Windows Time service.
      . Advanced time analysis tools, including real-time graphical displays of accuracy and latency.
      . Windows time zone settings can be set remotely using the Management Tools.
      . Comprehensive documentation and excellent technical support.
      Accuracy Features
      Benefit - Everything Works! Since your systems always have the correct time, all of your time-dependent systems run properly. Users can always log in, your expensive clustering servers and storage systems keep humming, your email and accounting systems always have the correct date and time, etc. Accurate time helps your IT investment pay off.

      . Server and Clients run as system services, machines sync automatically whether or not someone is logged in.
      . Clients accessing via dial-up or VPN sync automatically when a connection to the network is activated.
      . Uses sophisticated network latency and clock drift data algorithms to provide millisecond accuracies, even over WAN links
      . Time source averaging among multiple sources to determine the likely best "true time".
      . Configurable clock slewing to synchronize time without time jumps or setting the clock backwards.
      . Clock training to adjust local clock rate to be more accurate.
      . Your choice of high-efficiency trigger/cascade hierarchy or high-accuracy broadcast time distribution methods
      Redundancy Features
      Benefit - No hassles! Systems do occasionally fail. Servers crash; network infrastructures can break down. Domain Time II just deals with it, without requiring user intervention. So, when everything else isn't working, the last thing you have to worry about is the time.

      . Components compare among various sources and automatically choose the most reliable source.
      . Multiple levels of fallback in case of network error or server unavailability.
      . Time hierarchy collapses gracefully to compensate for failed/unreachable components:
    • Slave Servers can automatically assume the Master Server role in the event of a failure.
    • Clients automatically fallback to any available Slave, then to the Master, then to any available server.
    • . Components can try alternate time protocols if primary protocol fails.
      Security Features
      Benefit - Peace-of-mind! As most IT managers are aware (sometimes from painful experience), disruption of vital systems can come from the most unexpected of sources. The best systems take these possibilities into account, from the basic design on up. Domain Time II helps you ensure the time portion of your infrastructure is hardened against intruders and blunderers, which results in more uptime for your business.

      . Domain Time II uses your existing domain (Active Directory tree/forest) structure and access permissions.
      . Works with or without Active Directory enabled.
      . Administrative permissions required to change configuration settings.
      . Clock change monitor prevents manual tampering with the system time and date.
      . Logged-in users do not need clock-changing permission.
      . Supports serving and obtaining the time through existing firewalls...
    • direct, by opening required time protocol ports.
    • through port 80 using the Domain Time II over HTTP protocol.
    • through a standard web proxy (such as Microsoft's Proxy Server), with or without authentication.
    • through a SOCKS4 gateway/firewall.
    • . Built-in Denial of Service and IP access lists for unparalleled protection from malicious and inadvertent interference with network time.
      Verifiability Features
      Benefit - You're accountable! You need to know and to be able to demonstrate that your electronic records are correct. In fact, many industries are already operating under regulations that require an audit trail of time synchronization. Domain Time II allows you to automatically provide compliance with these requirements, without requiring any additional work for employees, or having to implement expensive custom systems.

      . Components keep detailed log files with selectable retention options and real-time log viewer.
      . Graphical displays and raw time drift data is available on time sync components.
      . System tray icon provides instant visual feedback of correct system sync.
      . Alerts are generated and logged if time is not being synced correctly.
      . Complete time sync data can be automatically collected centrally into a secure audit trail.

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