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 Customer Service/Privacy Policy
Last modified: 7/7/2020

    Website Information Collection and Use
      Greyware Automation Products, Inc. ("Greyware") is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. Greyware collects two kinds of information from our users at several different points on our website:

      1. Personally Identifiable Information
        Personally identifiable information is any information such as your name, email address, phone number, or other, that separates you from everyone else. Greyware collects such information when you place an order, or when you volunteer the information by filling out a form on our site. Except on court order, or in the circumstances specified below, Greyware will not share, rent, lease, distribute, publish, or otherwise make available any personally indentifiable information about its customers or visitors to any third party without permission from the individual from whom the information was collected.

      2. Statistical Information
        Statistical information is information not linked to any specific person. Examples of statistical information include how many individuals visited a particular page, the number of visitors using a particular web browser, or the number of times a particular piece of software has been downloaded. This information is of interest to Greyware because it helps us design our site and make the information on the site as easy to find and use as possible. It also helps us determine what products to offer, and estimate the number of individuals and/or companies interested in our products. Greyware may share statistical information with affiliates, customers, advertisers, or others with a business interest in knowing about the Greyware site's traffic patterns and volume. Any such information shall not be linked, even indirectly, with information that could allow a third party to discover personally identifiable information.

    General Customer Information

      Greyware shall treat customer information gathered from locations other than the website as much as possible the same way as we treat information from the website. That is, personally identifiable information is held in confidence, and statistical information may be shared. However, individuals who provide contact information as part of normal business procudure, for example when inquiring about pricing, leaving a voice-mail or email message, or checking a box on an online form indicating interest in follow-up, are implicitly or explicitly requesting to be contacted.

      Greyware will use the information thus provided to satisfy the customer's request, which may occasionally require sharing the information with an affiliate or a third-party. For example, if while investigating a tech support issue for a customer, we discover that the customer needs a router patch, but the router manufacturer will only supply the patch directly to the customer, we may give the customer's name and phone number to the router manufacturer. We will not, however, provide personally indentifiable information for any other purpose.

    Unsolicited Commercial Email and Advertisements

      Greyware makes every effort to ensure that individuals receiving email from Greyware have requested and welcome the email. We will not, under any circumstances, send blanket unsolicited email, or knowingly provide information to any affiliate or third-party that may do so. Greyware does not advertise by email, either directly or by mass marketing, and does not sell, rent, or lease lists of email addresses.

      Greyware uses the email addresses provided by its customers and visitors for follow-up purposes, including inquiring about customer satisfaction, notifying registered customers of available upgrades and new products, delivering software, and resolving tech support issues. In order to receive automated announcements of any sort, each customer or visitor must fill out an online form providing the email address, either while purchasing a license or while requesting an evaluation, or ask to be to be included while communicating with Greyware in some other fashion, such as in a letter or on the phone. Greyware never purchases, leases, rents, or uses email lists composed of invididuals who are not already connected with Greyware in some way, or who have not asked to be placed on one of our lists.

      There are four circumstances where a customer may receive automated email from Greyware:

      1. Confirmations
        When you first log onto our site, our system will send you a one-time confirmation letter. Additionally, if you forget your password, you may ask the website to email your password to you. For your own security, the password can only be emailed to the address you provided when you first signed up.

      2. Registered Software
        Greyware normally delivers registered versions of software by emailing a download password to the customer. This download password allows the customer to log onto our website and download the software the customer has licensed.

      3. Evaluation Software
        Greyware often sends routine follow-up notices to visitors who have downloaded evaluation versions of our software, to inquire about the software's performance, the customer's satisfaction, and whether or not the customer wants to register the software. These follow-up notices are only sent to individuals who have the Product Update Notices and Followups checkbox checked in their email preferences.

    Credit Card Information

      Greyware takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that customer credit card information cannot be accessed inappropriately. We use state-of-the-art encryption and data segregation models to ensure that your sensitive financial information is protected. Among other things, Greyware ensures the following:
      1. Credit card information is never sent through any external email system, even in encrypted form.

      2. Paper records that may contain credit card information are kept in a restricted area where only authorized staff may access them.

      3. Credit card numbers are erased from the order processing system's database area as soon as the charge is approved. Greyware does not maintain credit card numbers in the database for reuse in subsequent purchases, so even if the entire database system were hacked, or backup tapes stolen, the thieves would not have credit card information to misuse.

      4. The only historical information containing credit card information is the paper receipt printed during the charge process, and an electronic receipt kept solely on one restricted workstation that actually submits and processes the charge. These records are required for verification of orders in cases of disputed charges, and to comply with various federal and statutory requirements.

      5. Greyware processes most credit card charges electronically. The information, including customer name, credit card number, expiration date, and partial address, is transmitted to the credit card processing company using a dial-up telephone line. There is, therefore, no dedicated connection that could be trapped or intercepted. During processing, the information passes directly from the processing workstation to the credit card processing company.

      6. When Greyware processes a credit card transaction using a sales slip, the slips are mailed to the credit card processing company in accordance with all applicable federal and statutory requirements to ensure the safety and privacy of the information.

      Of necessity, your credit card company or bank will know of your transaction, since it must approve the sale and bill you for it. The credit card company or bank may, if involved in a dispute or refund, also learn the details of your purchase.

    Social Security Number

      Greyware has no need to know your social security number, and will not ask for it.


      Greyware does not provide, use, or incorporate any form of spyware in any of its products. Spyware is software that contacts a website, IRC server, or other site without your knowledge and consent, usually to submit information on your browsing habits, installed software, or other personal or business information. Greyware believes that any form of spyware is an unwarranted breach of basic privacy, regardless of whether or not the practice violates any laws, and is committed to the elimination of spyware used by any person, company, or government agency.


      A cookie is a small piece of data stored on the visitorís machine containing a token that identifies the user to our website, both while navigating around during an initial visit, and on subsequent visits. This cookie contains an arbitrary numeric identifier that allows the website to greet the visitor by name (if the visitor has provided his or her name in the past), and set or maintain preferences, such as joining or leaving mailing lists. The cookie does not contain any sensitive or personally identifiable information, nor may it be used by a hacker or intruder to obtain personally identifiable information about the visitor (except for the name, as mentioned above). In order to retrieve or change any information other than the name, the visitor must also supply the proper username and password. The cookie by itself, therefore, does not pose a significant security risk.

      Individuals who elect to disable cookies entirely may not be able to access all of the features on Greyware's website. In particular, you will not be able to download evaluation or registered versions of software, place orders, or change your personal preferences, unless you have cookies enabled.

      Greyware does not allow advertisements, banners, or any sort of third-party data collection or "spyware" (see above) on our website. Therefore, other parties cannot collect information about you based on your visits here, unless you proceed directly to another site by clicking on a link here, in which case the new site may be able to determine that you have visited us. This determination, however, is not based on the Greyware cookie, but upon the standard HTTP referrer header in effect when you follow any link on any site.

    Customer Names, Logos, and References

      Greyware will often list on our website the names and logos of representative companies that have purchased our products so that potential customers may see the kinds of industries and quality of companies that use our products. However, any company that decides, for any reason, that it no longer wants its name or logo listed, may ask to have it removed.

      Greyware is occasionally asked by potential customers to provide the names, phone numbers, or email addresses of existing customers who can provide references or testimonials about our products. Greyware shall never release such information without the consent of the individual whose name or contact information is to be released. Some customers are happy to act as references at any time, but in most cases, references prefer to receive the contact information for the potential customer, and then initiate and control the subsequent information exchange themselves. This protects both the new and existing customer, and helps ensure that the new customer receives comments and recommendations confidentially.

    Log Files

      Greyware maintains logs of downloads and website navigation. This information often includes IP addresses and referrer information. We use this information to analyze trends, administer the site, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are not lnked to personally identifiable information. Except on court order, Greyware does not release its web logs to any affiliate or third-party.

      Some of Greyware's services, such as our public time servers, email servers, FTP sites, or other such offerings, have associated logs that contain information about the users of the service, including IP addresses, and, in some cases, logon names (but never passwords). This information is used solely to identify problems, such as server abuses, fraud, or non-compliance with posted terms of use. We may also use the information to analyze usage trends or identify network bottlenecks and related problems. Greyware will use email and newsgroup log information, including IP addresses and any other information legally available, to track down spammers and other offenders. In these cases Greyware will share excerpts of log files with the spammer's ISP as needed or requested, in order to help the ISP enforce its own terms of acceptable use.

      In cases where a customer enters into a contract with Greyware to maintain information, such as upload history logs, or specific files the customer elects to place on our servers, Greyware will release the information only as directed by the customer according to the terms of the contract, or upon court order.


      Our website often contains links to other sites. Please be aware that Greyware is not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. We encourage our visitors to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of each website visited that collects personally identifiable information.

    Policy Revisions

      Greyware reserves the right to modify or expand this privacy policy at any time without prior notice. The date of the last change appears at the top of the page.

    Problem Resolution

      If you believe Greyware is not abiding by our posted privacy policy, or if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us at, or call us at 972-867-2794, and let us know. We will make every reasonable effort to address your concern as soon as possible.

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