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What's New?

Domain Time II
The latest update to the world's best time product

The world's best time synchronization system just got even more accurate and powerful.

Now with support for IEEE 1588-2008 PTPv2 Precision Time Protocol, Windows Server 2008 (R2) and Windows 7 support, native ipV6, Active Directory integration, SNMP and Audit Server real-time alerts, sub-millisecond accuracy, and much more!

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  • Info on Daylight Saving Time
  • Info on Leap Year & Seconds
  • Is Domain Time susceptible
    to ntpd vulnerabilities?

  • Logon Monitor
    Know who is logging in to your network!

    Records user logon and logoff events across the network and collects the data in a central location.

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    Remote User Manager
    Delegate Admin Tasks Securely and Without Hassle!

    Assign common user administration tasks to non-administrators without granting special NT/ADS rights! Helpers can remotely view and change user accounts from anywhere with their web browser (no special client required!).

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    Time Tools
      Domain Time II

      Greyware's industry-leading Domain Time series of time synchronization, testing, management, and auditing software. Used world-wide by organizations where the correct time matters.

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      Perfect for Regulatory Compliance (FINRA, SEC, etc.), SCADA networks, low-latency trading systems, electrical grid control, Emergency Management systems, Enterprise Windows Time replacement, and more.
      Learn More about IEEE 1588-2008 PTPv2

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