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Problem: Variance Reports from Domain Time II Manager or Monitor Service do not include all machines running Domain Time II

This article applies to Domain Time II Manager and Domain Time II Monitor Service

Last Updated: 23 May 2002


    Variance Reports from Domain Time II Manager or Monitor Service do not include all machines running Domain Time II


    Information for version 4.1 and earlier

      The Manager and Monitor Service Variance Reports only include machines running Domain Time II that have the Respond to DTCheck option set. By default, Domain Time II Servers have this option enabled, Domain Time II Clients do not.

      This behavior is by design. On a large network, it is usually not desireable to monitor every machine, so the default settings for variance reporting only includes Servers. Clients can be added to the variance reports as desired using the methods detailed below.

    Information for versions 5.x and later

      All Domain Time components now respond to DTCheck queries by default. However, machines may still not appear in the Domain Time II Machines list or in Monitor Service scans due to discovery and scan packets not making to remote subnets due to Network Discovery misconfiguration or firewall issues.


    Versions 4.1 and earlier

      The Respond to DTCheck option for Domain Time II components can be set using the following methods:

      • On Full Client, check the Respond to DTCheck (variance queries) checkbox on the Advanced tab page of the Control Panel applet
      • Use Domain Time II Manager to connect to the machine remotely and change the Respond to DTCheck setting on the Options page
      • Preset the option for Respond to DT Check using the DOMTIME.INI template file before installation, or push it out to machines using the Reset Configurations on Multiple Machines function on Manager's Batch Operations tab page.
      • Change the Respond To DTCheck registry setting to True (Found in the HKLM\Software\Greyware\[component name]\Parameters key).

    Versions 5.x and later

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