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Kb > FAQ: How to register Greyware software

FAQ: How to register Greyware software

This article applies to all products.

Last Updated: 19 January 2021

How to tell if youre running a registered version of the software:

    The version number of registered software will end in the letter R, i.e. 5.2.b.20200103R. Evaluation versions will not have the R, i.e. 5.2.b.20200103.

Registering your Software

    Greyware software does not need the machine(s) being registered to have an Internet connection.

    • Windows versions of Domain Time
      Domain Time components for Windows (Server, Client, Manager, Audit Server, etc.) do not require a license key to be registered. Once you have purchased your licenses, you will log into your online account and download the .ZIP distribution file containing the registered version of the software. You do this by clicking the button. You should extract the .ZIP file into a new, blank folder on your desired target machine and run the Setup program.

      If you have previously installed a version of the software, Setup will offer to upgrade it maintaining all of your existing settings. If the installed version is an evaluation version, Setup will convert it to registered. Otherwise, Setup will install a fresh copy of the registered version. There are no additional license keys to apply.

    • Linux versions of Domain Time
      The Domain Time Client for Linux (DTLinux) does require a license key be applied after installing the software. Use the button to download the software, then click the button to open the Registration Key instructions page. Follow the instructions to apply your registration key. See the DTLinux documentation for more information on how to apply the license key.

    • Other software
      Other Greyware software follows a similar installation process if the distribution download link in your online account has a button, it requires a registration key be applied, otherwise simply download and install the registered version.

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