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Domain Time II is a comprehensive time synchronization system, consisting of completely-integrated components. Together, they ensure that the time for your entire enterprise is always correct, that you always know how your clocks are performing, and that you can prove the sync status of any machine at any time.

The Domain Time II System


The Domain Time II version 5.2 system consists of these components (older versions that run on other platforms can be found here):

  • Domain Time II Server   
    High-accuracy multi-protocol time server for Windows able to serve time to virtually any device. Can act as part of the Domain Time distribution hierarchy or independently. Completely replaces the Windows Time (w32time) Service.

  • Domain Time II Client for Windows
    High-accuracy time client for Windows: Remotely configure using Manager. Completely replaces the Windows Time (w32time) Service.

  • Domain Time II Client for Linux (DTLinux)
    High-accuracy time client for Linux: Configurable via .conf files or remotely using Manager.

  • Domain Time II Management Tools
    Install, configure, analyze, test, and monitor your entire Domain Time system from your desktop.

      The master control center for your Domain Time system. Can remotely install, upgrade, monitor, and track licenses of Domain Time on any machine across your network - from a single desktop!

      Monitor Service
      Automatically monitors the synchronization of critical systems and provides real-time alerting of errors, also provides advanced variance reporting and historical records.

      Update Server
      Automatically watches the network to keep your machines updated with current versions of the time software. Can automatically install time software on new machines as they come online without administrator intervention.

      Other Tools
      A full suite of testing, diagnostic, and utility programs to augment the simple, trouble-free use of Domain Time II on your network.

  • Domain Time II Audit Server
    Collects time sync data from Domain Time components and stores them to create a secure audit trail.

  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
    Provide your applications programmatic access to Domain Time's internal high-precision (hectonanosecond) timestamps.

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