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Domain Time II > v5 > Overview > What's New in version 5.x

What's New in version 5.2?

Precision Time Protocol

  • Domain Time II now supports IEEE 1588-2008/2019 Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

  • When using PTP, Domain Time II can adjust the system timing upon the receipt of each synchronization packet. This option is enabled by default, and provides a continuously variable (up to 64 times per second) adjustment of the computer’s time, yielding a much smoother and more precise alignment than is available with traditional request-response time protocols. Results in the laboratory environment have achieved sub-microsecond or a few microseconds in accuracy over periods of time exceeding four hours.

Audit Server and Manager

  • Audit Server now supports a new “Standby Mode,” or hot-spare paradigm. You can set up a secondary Audit Server and have it ready to take over instantly if the primary server goes offline.

  • Multiple Real-Time Alert targets can be set for both client and server. You may choose to have both targets notified, or use the second as a fail-over if the first does not acknowledge the alert.

  • Manager now remembers your selections after performing a batch operation and re-highlights the selected machines.

  • Manager now can backup and restore the audit list database, either from the menu or from the command line.
Minor Fixes and Enhancements
  • See the complete list of upgrades, changes, and recommendations on the Changelog page.

What's New in version 5.1?

Overall Improvements:

  • Full support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
  • New look and easier to use control panels and interfaces
  • Native IPv6 capability
  • Support for multicast
  • More logging levels and details, easier-to-use log viewer on components.
  • Better email alerting and configuration, support for SMTP authentication, html/text MIME types, etc.
  • Components that use reference clocks can use multiple time sources and time samples for improved accuracy.

Improvements in Server and Client:

  • More accurate and efficient - sub-millisecond accuracy in many cases
  • New API and SDK to provide access to hectonanosecond precision timestamps
  • Special algorithims to compensate for internal timing changes on newer OS's (Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, Win7)
  • Single unified Windows Client (no more need for Thin or Ultra-Thin Clients)
  • Can now specify unlimited number of time sources
  • Can specify number of time samples to request of time sources for greatly improved accuracy
  • Various auto-discovery wizards for assistance in finding and configuring reliable time sources
  • Can use Active Directory policy to configure sources and accuracy settings
  • Now with full Windows timestamp authentication, can totally replace Windows Time, even on Domain Controllers
  • Includes NTP authentication, compatible with all NTP clients and servers
  • Improved support for multi-core processor systems
  • Improved performance on virtual machines
  • Easy access to many advanced clock control settings and clock training on the CPL
  • Remote Connection to other Domain Time systems from any Server or Client machine
  • Easier configuration: Import/export all settings to an editable .reg template file
  • Full settings backup/restore
  • Start/Stop Domain Time Service from within Domain Time CPL
  • Syslog capability
  • SNMP traps and alerts

Improvements in Manager

  • Unified display of all machines and systems.
  • Fully integrated installation and control of Monitor, Update Server, and Audit Server.
  • Much faster and robust discovery of network machines
  • Can supply various credentials to connect to multiple domains
  • Uses Active Directory to discover machines
  • Able to use multicast for discovery on remote subnets
  • Uses new standard registry files (.reg) as template files for installation/upgrade/reset configurations of remote machines
  • Can install/upgrade and manage both 32-bit and 64-bit machines from one copy of Manager

Improvements in Audit Server

  • Audit Server integrates directly into Manager, using the same machine lists and discovery processes. You can select any machine for audit directly from Manager.
  • Faster, more robust auditing
  • More intelligent and flexible email reporting/logging/alerting.
  • SNMP traps and alerts
  • Real-time alerts of poor synchronization (instead of only at Audit Time)

Improvements in Monitor and Update Server

  • Monitor uses multicast for more reliable discovery of remote machines
  • Monitor has improved email alerting and formatting
  • Update Server integrates completely with Manager, using the same machine discovery lists
  • Update Server can use installation template files for custom install/upgrades

...and much more.

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