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 Documentation\Configuration\Audit Server\Advanced
    The Advanced tab page is used to set the Reference Clock and the Broadcast addresses used by Audit Server.

    Domain Time II Audit Server - Advanced Tab

    Reference Clock

    Audit server uses a Reference Clock as the standard to which the time from each audited machine is compared. If you set your Reference Clock to a known good time source outside of the time sources used by the rest of your network, you can obtain independent verification of the validity of the time on your audited machines.

    The reference clock is also used to provide the standard to which Audit Server compares each audited system. If the variance exceeds the thresholds you set on the Alerts & Logs page, an alert is generated.

      You may select the Reference Clock in a number of different ways:

      Automatic -- find a local Domain Time II Server and use it
      Audit Server attempts to automatically discover a Domain Time II Server using broadcast. You'll only want to choose this selection if you don't care which server is used, since Audit Server will use the first server that responds.

      This Machine -- use this machine's time as the reference
      Audit Server will use the internal clock on the Audit Server as the reference. This is an excellent option to use if the Domain Time II Server running on the Audit Server is set to synchronize with known good sources of time (such as the atomic clocks at NIST or US Naval Observatory) not used by the rest of the network. Optimally, the Domain Time Server should be set to get its time from three or more sources and have the Analyze listed servers and choose the best... option enabled. See the Domain Time II Server Time Sources page for more info

      Specify a server that uses the Domain Time II UDP protocol
      This option allows you to specify any Domain Time II Server providing Domain Time II protocol over UDP. If you're not concerned about having independent verification of the audited time, you will want to set this option to point to the Domain Time II Master server for your network.

      Specify a server that uses the NTP/SNTP protocol.
      You may specify any single NTP server as the reference clock when you choose this option. Audit Server will contact this server directly when performing an audit.

      If you've chosen to specify the server use the Server name or IP address: field to do so.

    Broadcast Addresses

    Maintains the list of broadcast address subnets that Audit Server uses for scanning for remote systems.

      One of the methods Domain Time II Audit Server uses to discover machines is by UDP broadcasts. By default, Audit Server will only send to and receive UDP broadcasts from the local subnet. You can have Audit Server send broadcasts to other subnets by adding the subnet mask of the remote subnet to this list.

      For example, to have Domain Time II Audit Server send broadcasts to systems on the 172.16.108.x subnet, you would enter into the Broadcast Addresses list. The list is additive, so you can enter as many subnets as necessary for your network.

      Note: There must always be at least one broadcast address entered in this box for Manager to perform correctly. We recommend that you keep the the default address in the list.


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