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    Third-Party time client solutions for each of the following platforms are available - You may download them from our site as indicated.

    There a couple of options for synchronizing Novell systems using Domain Time II:

      As of NetWare 5, Novell servers can run TIMESYNC.NLM to act as an NTP client to obtain the time from an NTP server such as Domain Time II.

      Although TIMESYNC version 5.08 and later can also act as an NTP server, we recommend that you set your Novell servers to get their time from a Domain Time II Server instead of vice-versa. Domain Time II Server is a better NTP server, providing higher accuracy and automatic failover should the primary time-source become unavailable.

      Although Novell servers provide synchronization to their clients, you may still wish to consider running Domain Time II clients on your Novell client workstations. This gives you a number of advantages over Novell-only synchronization:

      • Domain Time Clients run as a background service and always stay synchronized - Novell time sync only happens at client login and clocks can drift dramatically on machines that do not re-login regularly
      • Domain Time Clients provide time zone and clock configuration from a central management workstation- Novell does not.
      • Domain Time Clients keep extensive logs, and can participate in the automatic variance reporting, sync alerts and remote statistics gathering of the Domain Time Management Tools - Novell cannot.

      Novell Client NLM for NetWare 2, 3 or 4 (rdate.nlm)
      Download this client

      There are also a number of freeware NLMs available for Novell servers. We've posted one of the most popular for download. You must be running Domain Time Server Version 2.x or later with the TIME/ITP protocol enabled on the advanced dialog tab in order to serve time to RDATE clients.

      View the included README file for installation instructions.

    Macintosh NTP client
    Current versions of the Macintosh OS (8.5 or later) include a built-in NTP time client. You can enter the IP address of the Domain Time II Server in the Mac's Date & Time Control Panel. You must be running Domain Time Server Version 2.x or later with the NTP protocol enabled on the advanced dialog tab in order to serve time to Macintosh NTP clients.

    DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.x
    Note: if you are running Windows for Workgroups, there is a Domain Time client just for you!

    The command-line time command NET TIME built into Microsoft Networking stacks (LANMan) can roughly synchronize a DOS, OS/2 or Windows 3.x computer's time with a Microsoft Windows server using standard Microsoft Networking protocols.

    However, there are significant drawbacks to using NET TIME - read this for more information on its limitations.

    Since most other time synchronization protocols are TCP/IP based, it may be necessary for you to run a TCP/IP stack of some sort if you wish to use a third-party time client instead. Unfortunately, due to the many possible TCP/IP stack and system configuration possibilities, it's beyond the scope of this document for us to make a blanket product recommendation.

    However, a rule of thumb is that basically any third-party time client that will run on DOS, OS/2 or Win 3.x using TCP/IP standard time protocols (such as NTP or Time/ITP) should be able to sync to a Domain Time II server.


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