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Domain Time II > Instructions > Client > Windows > Domain Time II Ultra Thin Client - Installation


 Documentation\Configuration\Clients\Windows\Ultra Thin Client\Installation

Install Domain Time II

    Please read the Installing Domain Time II overview pages before installing.

    In most cases, you'll want to use Domain Time II Manager to install and configure Clients remotely from your management workstation. If that's what you'd like to do, you can skip these installation instructions and read the Manager documentation instead.

    It's also possible to use an existing installation of Ultra Thin Client install to another machine remotely using the command-line. This option is for advanced users. See the Command-line Options page for details.

    If you use cloned OS images to install machines, please read this article from our knowledgebase about configuring Domain Time II properly on your clone image.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you will be installing Domain Time II onto machines with AMD processors, we highly recommend you update your processor drivers (a.k.a. PowerNow!) to the current version for your operating system available from AMD's website to avoid known hardware timing issues. Please see this article from our knowledgebase for more info: KB2007.817.


    • To install or upgrade Domain Time II Ultra Thin Client directly to a single machine from the distribution setup files:

      1. Extract the files from the distribution file you downloaded to a blank folder and run the Setup program to install the program (If you have an older version of Ultra Thin Client installed, Setup will give you an upgrade option. Your original configuration settings will be preserved during the upgrade). See this page for details on extracting files and using the Setup utlity.

      2. Test your installation

        • Ensure there is a Broadcast Server operating on your subnet.

        • If you have enabled the System Tray, right-click it and select Synchronize Now from the context menu. The System Tray icon will remain greyed-out in Unknown Status until it receives its first sync pulse. If the synchronization is successful, the icon will change to the standard Domain Time Icon. If the synchronization fails after broadcasts have begun to be received, the icon will change to a flashing red clock. (Not available on Windows Server Core)

        • If you don't have the system tray icon enabled, use Domain Time II Manager to connect to the client and check the sync status.

        • You may also check the logs on the Domain Time II Server with which the client is synchronizing. If you don't' know what server is being used, use the DT Probe utility.


    • Use Domain Time II Manager to remove the program remotely.

    • Or use Add/Remove Programs utility from the Control Panel to remove the program.

    • You may also use the original Setup program to remove the program. Run Setup as described above and choose the Remove option.

    • The program can also be uninstalled from the command-line. See the Command-line Options page for details.


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