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Domain Time II Full Client

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Configuration Topic:

  • Installation
    Installing Domain Time II Full Client
  • Time Sources
    Specify where Full Client obtains its own time
  • Security Settings
    Control unauthorized access and protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Log Settings
    Selecting Log Content and Log Retention Settings
  • Client Timings
    Control how accurate you want your Client's time to be
  • Advanced Settings
    Advanced Clock Control and Miscellaneous Settings
  • Registry Settings
    Comprehensive listing of the Domain Time II Full Client registry settings
Domain Time II Full Client
Version 4.1

Domain Time II Full Client is a system service that can be configured to automatically discover and get its time from Domain Time II Servers, or allow you to specify up to four time sources manually.

The Domain Time II Full Client operates as an excellent time client for just about any time server, but when used with Domain Time II components (Server, Management Tools, and Audit Server), it gains even more capabilities and operates as part of a truly integrated time system.


Launching the Program
Try it, Free! Pricing Buy It Try it Free!, Pricing, Buy it! To get a free 30-day evaluation copy of the fully-functioning program, download it from the Greyware Evaluation Center.  

If you have already registered the software, download the registered version directly from your Greyware Account page.

Once installed, Domain Time II Full Client can be configured directly using its Control Panel Applet. The applet can be configured whether the Domain Time II Full Client service is running or not.

Note: On Vista with UAC enabled, you must Shift+Right Click and choose Run As... from the context menu to launch the Control Panel applet. On Windows Server Core, type in domtimec.cpl on the command line.

Starting Full Client using Control Panel

Starting Full Client using the System Tray icon Full Client can also be configured remotely using Domain Time II Manager (included with the Domain Time II Management Tools package).

You may also launch the Domain Time II Full Client applet (and many other installed Domain Time II components) by right-clicking on the Domain Time icon in the System Tray to bring up the context menu. (Not available on Windows Server Core)

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