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Domain Time II Windows Time Agent

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Configuration Topic:

  • Installation
    Installation instructions for the Domain Time II Windows Time Agent
  • Client Settings
    Configure the various time client functions of Windows Time
  • Server Settings
    Configure and test the time server function of Windows Time
  • Agent and History
    Enable Windows Agent, see the synchronization history and drift graphs
  • Service Settings
    Stop and start the Windows Time service, enable debug logging
  • About Windows Time Agent
    Version info and License Agreement for Domain Time II Windows Time Agent

Domain Time II
Windows Time Agent Version 4.1

Domain Time II Windows Time Agent is a special Control Panel applet that allows you to easily configure the Microsoft Windows Time Service instead of using the w32tm command-line utility or manually changing registry settings. Windows Time Agent solves several of the major drawbacks of using Windows Time, such as determining how the service is actually configured, and whether or not it is really working.

Note: This software is designed for Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7/2008/Win8/2012/Win10/2012r2/2016/2019. Although it will run on Windows 2000, many of its functions and tab pages will be unavailable.

Windows Time Agent provides visual indicators of the clock status so you can tell at a glance whether the machine is is synchronized, what time sources are in use, and how accurate the clock is. The Windows Time Agent also shows clock drift data in scalable graphical displays so you can see how your clock is performing over time.

The Windows Time Agent works splendidly as a stand-alone utility. However, when combined with Domain Time II software it becomes even more powerful. Audit Server can collect the clock drift data from Windows Time Agents network-wide to add to its audit trail, plus it can raise alerts if any machine's clock is not synchronized. It is also fully integrated with Domain Time II Servers, Windows Clients, and Manager to provide Windows Time service configuration from within those products.


Launching the Program
Download Now! The Domain Time II Windows Time Agent is available free of charge as a stand-alone freeware utility.

Windows Time Agent is also included in Domain Time II Server and Client service installations. To get the evaluation versions of those programs, download them from the Greyware Download Center. If you have already registered your Domain Time II software, download the registered version directly from your Greyware Account page.

Domain Time II Windows Time Agent requires Windows XP or later (i.e. XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, etc.) to operate to its full capability. Note: Although you may install Agent on Windows 2000 systems, your configuration options will be limited, and the Agent features (collecting drift data, reporting to Audit Server, etc.) will not function.

Once installed, the Windows Time Agent applet can be started from the Windows Control Panel.

Note: On Vista with UAC enabled, you must Shift+Right Click and choose Run As... from the context menu to launch the Control Panel applet. On Windows Server Core, type in w32tmdt.cpl on the command line.

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